„HerE smeLls Like Oscar – an international upskilling program

of high school students in the field of film journalism"

co-funded by European Union Project under Erasmus +


To meet the needs of young people associated with insufficient professional competence and difficulties with continuing their education, in partnership with a school in Croatia we have created a number of actions to raise the level of the professional skills among high school students.
Moreover, the project "Here smells like Oscar" aims to increase the achievements of young people by widening their knowledge related to film and journalism so they could continue their education. Fostering the need to develop their passion in their free time and increasing students' creativity which will help them to shape the attitudes of openness and tolerance. The aim of the project is to develop culture among students through active participation in discussions, workshops, group work. What is more we would like to increase the language skills of students and teachers. They will have the opportunity to exchange experience and good practice between schools and teachers from different European countries and they gain the possibility to continuing the cooperation in the future. We hope this project will help to establish long-term changes in schools and strengthen the international dimension of education.
In order to achieve these objectives we planned implementation of the following measures:
- 4 five-days students exchanges: 2 to Croatia, 2 to Poland, with an activities during the exchanges
- 3 project meetings
- conference summarizing the results of the intellectual work (video tutorial and report) organized in Poland.
During the project it is planned to achieve the following results:
- increasing level of pupils' knowledge in the field of writing about cinema
- better qualified pupils who will  continue education
- activation of the pupils at their free time by developing in them the film passion - enhancement the intercultural dialogue
- better language skills among pupils and teachers
- international cooperation of the schools and teachers
- intensification of international dimension of school learning and teachers' work
- Promotion of the Erasmus +.
The dissemination plan for the project and its results:
- Continuous promotional campaign .
- Dissemination of tools by creating the open access platforms
- Information and dissemination articles about Project
- The third meeting of the members of the consortium – to summarize the project
- International Conference (Poland).
Sustainability of project results will be a priority for both schools, even after the end of the project. To ensure this, the following actions will be taken:
- Recommending the introduction of the film and report to the formal training programme in high school in each of the partner countries;
- free access to the platform with resources of intellectual labor;
- The thematic / sectoral conferences / briefings this project will be promoted as good practice in the field of education of future journalists film;
- newspaper articles written by practitioners;
- Usage of tools (video and report) in a wide range;
- Usage of tools (video and report) the activities / training conducted by the partner schools;
- Free access to the archives of the project on the schools website and access to photo blog at the end of cooperation;
- Organizing open days in schools  promoting the programme Erasmus + and encouraging in participation;
- Creating a showcase dedicated to the project in each school.